Harnessing the Power of Synthetic Biology, Machine Learning,and Laboratory Automation

Developing and applying synthetic biology, machine learning, and laboratory automation tools to address society's most daunting challenges in human health and energy, and investigating the fundamental aspects of enzyme catalysis, cell metabolism, and gene regulation. Read More

  • 1 Foundational Tool Development. Develop tools for improving the design, build, test and learn cycle for biological research
  • 2 Drug Discovery and Development. Discover novel natural products by activating cryptic pathways from sequenced genomes and metagenomes and investigate the biosynthetic mechanisms.
  • 3 Industrial Biotechnology. Engineer recombinant microorganisms to efficiently utilize cellulosic materials and produce chemicals, fuels, and materials.
  • 4 Mammalian Synthetic Biology. Develop new targeted genome engineering tools and gene regulation tools for applications in gene therapy and functional genomics.

“What I cannot create, I do not understand.”— Richard Feynman

Research in this group lies in the interface of engineering, chemistry, and medicine. The main research goal is to develop genetically based bioproducts and bioprocesses and to understand their biochemical and biophysical mechanisms at the molecular level. The group members are young, talented, and energetic who came from a variety of disciplines including chemical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, bioengineering, computer sciences, and electrical engineering. This group is not only a hot-bed for making exciting scientific discoveries and developing important technologies, but also a launching pad for embarking on successful careers.Read More


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